Common Questions

Common Questions2019-08-05T13:07:46+10:00

View some common questions below and for anything else be sure to contact us on 0424 094 905

I don’t have garden equipment, can you provide this for my service?2019-08-05T12:59:12+10:00

Yes we certainly can. If you don’t have the right equipment for your gardening job you have nothing to worry about. We provide our own equipment for yard services.

How long is the waiting period to book a service?2019-08-05T12:56:50+10:00

One of the great advantages of booking our services is that there is no waiting period. We ensure your service is carried out as fast as possible. Please contact us for more information on bookings.

Do you provide Male and Female workers?2019-08-05T12:55:03+10:00

Yes. We provide both Male and Female workers to suite your requirement. Please advise our manager at the time of assessment or booking for any specific requirements.

What are your hours?2019-08-05T12:52:54+10:00

For even greater convenience, we provide support 24/7 to all our clientele and our services operate 7 days per week

Do you charge any Gap Fees?2019-08-05T12:48:32+10:00

No, we do not charge any gap fees on any of our services. We simply charge according to the NDIS rates.